Asus Router Setup

Asus Router Setup

When you first purchase your router, it is not considered secure until you take a moment to change the default configuration. This guide will take you through the entire ASUS router setup process from start to finish. You will also learn how to setup ASUS router as access point. If you don't know how to setup an Asus router, just keep reading to know the entire step-by-step process of the setup.

The ASUS router setup wizard will also be applicable for the following types of routers from ASUS

  1. All Zen Wi-Fi line up
  2. All 802.11ax line up
  3. All ROG Rapture line up
  4. All TUF Gaming line up

asus router setup asus-rt-ac87u-wireless-router-ieee-802-11ac

How to setup ASUS router

Here we will guide you to the very basic steps that needs to be followed to setup an ASUS router. You will learn both physical and wireless aspect of Asus router setup. All the steps below have been demonstrated with screenshots to assist you in any model of ASUS router. There might be different setup for the physical connection of the router depending on the model, but the basic's remain the same. Yоu will need:

  1. Your router must be installed and powered on..
  2. А соmрuter аnd Ethernet саble.
Common Step : Your router must include 3 different cables that need to be connected in correct manner:
  • The Ethernet cable must be connected from your cable/DSL modem to the WAN pont on ASUS router.(This Port is colored Blue )
  • Take another Ethernet cable and connect it to the LAN (Yellow Color) port on the router and the other end to your Computer.
  • And last but not the least connect the power adapter port to the DC IN (Green Color) port on the router.
  • Now you are ready to power on the router by pressing the Power button (Red Color) on the back.
  1. Setup Guide on Desktop/Laptop
  2. Setup Guide on Android Devices

1. Setup Asus Router on Desktop/Laptop

Assuming that you are may follow any of the two methods to setup Asus router, we have compiled both manual and automatic steps involved in setting up today's modern ASUS router.

Asus Router Setup Wizard

  • Here we will be using the Asus router setup wizard to setup an Asus router which will automatically configure the router to get connected with the internet.
  • After the router is switched on open up any web browser and type in the address bar.
  • You will be seeing a prompt, just enter "admin" for both username and password and press enter.
Login to Ausu Router
  • A asus router setup page will open, just press the

    GO button.
Asus Router Setup page
  • On the next screen you need to update the Username and Password for the router Administration accounts. We highly recommended that use dont use any simple password or the default password here as it provides an efficient protection mechanism for your router.
Asus Set router admin password
  • On the next scree the router will try to detect your inmternet connection automatically.If you have a different connection type you may need to enter additional information which has already been provided to you by your ISP. Most of the time this process is automatic and you will be guided to the next screen.
Asus router detecting setting ISP
  • Here all you have to do is enter the SSID and network key (password) in the relevant boxes and click on apply.
asus router setup wifi password
  • There you have it a configuration screen with all the network details that you have just entered.
asus router setup wizard
  • Again a login prompt will appear, just enter the Username and password you set fot the router Administrator account in the previous step and click OK.
asus router login
  • That's it you just completed the your ASUS Router setup.

Manual Setup Asus Router

  • After the router is switched on open up any web browser and type in the address bar.
  • You will be seeing a prompt, just enter "admin" for both username and password and press enter.
Login to Ausu Router
  • After you have successfully logged into the ASUS Router Administrator account click on Advanced Settings.
Asus Router Page
  • Go to System Tab to change ASUS router login username and password.
  • Enter the new credentials for your router also retype the password in the 3rd field to confirm it.
Asus router admin password screen
  • Press Apply to save the changes you have made .
  • To change you ASUS router SSID go back to the main router page as shown in screen below.
  • Type the new name of your choice where it says Wireless name (SSID). That will be your new network name.
  • Do the same for the 5GHz tab, make sure the SSID name is different from 2.4GHz one and click on Apply.
  • In order to change WiFi password on the same screen under drop down list Authentication Method select WPA2-Personal.
ASUS router SSID name change
  • Type your new password in WPA-PSK key and click on apply ( Do the same for 5GHz Tab also).

Q. How To access ASUS Router Setup Page

You can access the ASUS router setup page by opening up any browser and typing the URL as in the address bar and pressing the enter key. This will open you Asus router setup page and ask your username and password.

Q. ASUS Router Setup using Mobile App.

You can find a complete guide on how to setup Asus router using mobile app here.

2. How To Setup Asus Router on Android Devices

  • First step involves downloading an app from Google play store by scanning the QR code below or clicking here.
Ausu router app Google Play
Asus Router Google Play
  • On you mobile device go to Settings -> WiFi and connect to the ASUS routers default SSID name .
Android Mobile connect to asus router SSID
  • Open Asus router App.
ASUS Router app
  • Press "Setup".
Setup Asus Router App
  • Select ASUS ROUTER.
  • Choose "Allow"
Choose “Allow” to proceed the setup.
  • Tap on Start.
  • You need to Choose the internet type according to your location

【Соnneсtiоn tyрe - Аutоmаtiс IР】: Tар "Next". This step requires no further information.

【Соnneсtiоn tyрe - РРРоE】:Tyрe user nаme аnd раsswоrd рrоvided by ISР аnd tар "Next". 【Connection type - PPPoE】

  • Select seperately 2.4GHz and 5GHz band and type the SSID or Network name of your choice and the password for each one.
network name(SSID) and password asus router app
  • On the next screen put your router Administrator username and Password and store it in a safe place.
Asus router app
  • That's it you are all done.

How To Setup Asus Router as Access Point

Setting up ASUS router as an access point is a means to convert your asus wireless router as an access point for a parent router. It simply converts your wired network to a wireless one. If you want to know how to setup asus router as an access point the follow the guidelines step by step.

Step 1 : First connect your ASUS router to the parent router you want to connect to. The Ethernet cable goes from wan port of the Access point router to the LAN port of the parent router. 

Step 2 : Login to your Admin dashboard , goto Administration -> Operation Mode and then select radio button "Access Point" and click save.

How To Setup Asus Router as Access Point

Step 2 : Now the page will ask you to enter IP Address just select "Get LAN IP Automatically" and everything will fill up automatically. You also have an option to set these details manually. Once you set everything up here click on Next.

Step 4 : Here you only have to set the name of the Network for Asus Router Access Point and set the password. It is always a best idea to choose a strong password e.g. a mix and match of lowercase and upper case letters as well as numbers and special characters.

Asus router access point finalize setting


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