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Step 1: First place router for optimal coverage.
Step 2: Connect to internet from your ISP.
Step 3: Setup the wireless router gateway.
Step 4: Establish connection between the gateway and router.
Step 5: Use App based or browser based dashboard
Step 6: Create a new username and password. ...
Step 7: Check for router's firmware update.
Step 8: Goto Wi-Fi and create a password password.

detailed guide here...

A typical cable modem router takes upto 3 to 5 mins to connect to internet.Usually the LED in the router stops blinking as soon as it connects to the internet.

It will take you around 10 mins to connect to internet assuming that you have already connected all the wires and plugs in the right slot.It may take a bit longer for people who are trying to setup firewall, security or proxy.

Router's usually are bundeled with additional LAN cables which may be of different colors ( called RJ45).Connect this cable form any of the LAN slots in your router to the computer LAN slot.That's it you are connected.

It can be happen due to multiple reasons like problem with the ethernet cable, wrong wiring, DNS error, conflicting IP address or just maybe you ISP is having a coverage issue.