Linksys Router Setup

Linksys Router Setup Guide

In this section we will discuss various steps involved in Linksys router setup, on how to setup Linksys router. We will also give a detailed guide for Linksys wireless router setup Wi-Fi settings. Before we begin with the actual set up make sure you have the following ready to avoid any problems during setup:

Material for Linksys router Setup:

  • Linksys Smart WiFi router

  • WiFi enabled computer or a computer with an Ethernet port

  • 1-2 Ethernet or internet cables

  • Your ISP Modem
  • Linksys router setup software

How to configure your router


You may install any of the following browsers, make sure it's updated to latest version available.



Microsoft Edge


Internet Explorer



Last but not the least you would need an active internet connection

Lets start with the Linksys Router setup Guide

A typical router is a device that allows multiple devices (computers, Smartphones, Home Automation Devices etc.) to connect together on a network. The Router generally connects to a cable modem ISP device in order to provide a streamlined internet connection. This article help you to get your Linksys router up and running without any hassle.

How to Setup Linksys Router

Follow the guidelines suggested below to learn how to setup linksys router.

Router to ISP connection

    1. Plug your router to the power supply, if you have an external antenna provided, make sure you connect it to the router too. Switch on the power button on the router , once the led glows you are sure that it works solid.

    2. Connect your Ethernet cable from the modem to your router in the internet port provided.also connect the router and the desktop or laptop with another cable through Ethernet port on router and Laptop or desktop device.

    3. Now connect to your wifi, or if you are using a wired computer you can directly open a browser

    4. Open any browser mentioned above and type in, if it does not work you may type in any of the following, or type myrouter.local in the address bar

      linksys router setup
    5. Accept the terms and conditions box if it pops up and proceed to next step

    6. You will be prompted with a login window, enter default Username and password ie ; admin & admin respectively or keep the password blank if admin doesn’t work.

linksys router setup software
    1. You will be entering the Linksys router setup window , go to the optional settings and set up your host name-> this will be your router name of your choice for identification.

    2. Then move on to next setting and enable the DHCP server settings are enabled, then confirm these settings by clicking on save settings.

linksys router internet connection settings
  1. Click on the continue button , then click on wireless setup tab.

  2. Under wireless configuration click on manual , it will open the basic settings tab for your Linksys router Setup.

Fill in the details as follows
  1. Network mode: select mixed

  2. Network Name SSID: use the router name which you have setup in step 7.

  3. Radio Band: select Standard 20MHz Channel

  4. Standard channel : select auto

  5. SSID Broadcast : select enabled

  6. Click on Save Settings- > then Click on continue button

  7. Now select Wireless security tab

  8. In Security mode select WPA2 Personal, as this is a good support for most home support

  9. Then type in the password of your choice in the passphrase section.

  10. Click on save settings-> then click on continue button

  11. Now select Administration button

  12. For security reasons you may change the router password from the default password which you used in step 6, so that no one can access these router settings.

  13. Then click on save settings button

linksys wirless router setup wifi

Your Linksys router setup is complete here. You need to remember to update your routers from time to time as it is a good idea as they provide new security features, fix vulnerability or other enhancements like performance upgrade. You may do it immediately as it prompts you to or at your leisure time.

Basic Setup of your Linksys Wireless Router Setup

Linksys Wireless router setup using web-based setup page

  • To access web based setup page open url "" in any of the browser.
  • Enter routers default login details. Username=admin, Password=password. If the browser gives a password error then follow the guideline on how to reset Linksys router password.
  • Open Setup Tab and click on MAC Address Clone. (This is a special hardware address of a computer which is used by most ISP to authenticate and establish internet access to a host.
  • Enable the radio option on the screen and then click on Clone My PC's mac.

how to setup linksys router using web interface
linksys wirless router setup

Check Internet Connection Status in Linksys Wireless Router Setup Page.

Once you have enabled the Clone MAC address option during linksys router setup steps, internet should be connected. To check its status follow the following steps.

  • Select Status Tab
  • On the same page check your IP Address, this should be showing something like "192.168.XXX.XXX" (X can be any number). If it shows, then it means that the Linksys router setup has not gone properly. Click on Release IP Address followed by Renew IP Address button.
  • If everything goes successfully you should be connected to Internet.

Common issues you with Linksys Wireless Router Setup

Sometime things do not go the right way even after you follow all the steps in correct order. The most common one are.

Cannot connect to Linksys Router

One of the most common problem users face is that they are unable to connect to the Linksys Router. If you want to fix this issue the kindly follow the guidelines for how to setup linksys router.

  • First if you are trying to access the Linksys Router through Wi-Fi, then you must ensure that the router is placed at an optimal location for e.g. Near a Power Point, open area and easily accessible.
  • If you are connecting to Linksys router using Ethernet cable make sure it is plugged into the right ports behind the router.
  • Sometimes the Linksys Router Setup page is inaccessible due to the IP address error. In such case just reboot the router and the issue will be fixed.
  • Another cause for being unable to connect to Linksys router may be the area its placed in. In this case try moving the router to a different place in and try adjusting the antennas until you have a Wi-Fi signal on the device you are connecting on.

Unable To Sign In To The Linksys Router Setup page.

By Accessing the Linksys Router Setup web-based page one can configure advanced setting as well as Wi-Fi properties of the router. Follow the guidelines given below if you are facing a problem in accessing the setup page.

  • Check if you have typed the password or username incorrectly, try to copy and paste it from the notepad to avoid any mistakes.
  • Reset the router to change the username and password back to their default values.
  • To reset the router press and hold the Reset button at the back of Router. Keep it pressed until the LED light starts blinking.
  • Once done just login to your Linksys Router Setup page using the default credentials and set the new password using the guide here.

Linksys Router Setup Software

This particular router comes with a bundled Linksys router setup software called as Linksys Connect Software. It is used to manage your wireless devices and to connect to them in the easiest manner possible. If your router didn't come with one you can download it here.

  • Once you have the software downloaded open it up and just click on next on the first screen after accepting the license agreement.
  • In the next window the setup process has started jut let it complete and do not close the application.
  • After this you will be provided with auto generated network name and password for your linksys router. You can also change it to a choice of yours, but just remember it will be the way to connect with your Linksys wireless router.
  • The linksys router setup software will continue to detect your ISP which will not require you to enter anything unless you are using a DSL connection in which case you will have to enter Account name and password for your connection.
  • Now just wait for the confirmation and congrats you have just setup linksys router using the software.

Linksys Router Setup Software
setup linksys router


It is a common observation that most problems gets resolved by updating the firmware, rebooting the device and simple static power drain. If that doesn't work, then our support experts can suggest you a wealth of help articles on this which you can consult. You can also reach out to us directly.

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