TP-Link Router Setup via App


Before starting with this guide please follow the Basic Setup instructions for connecting your TP-Link Router with you modem (provided from your Internet Service Provider ISP).

Assuming that you have connected and Powered ON the Router follow the instructions below to begin the setup of your wireless router.

Tp-link Archer-C5400X


  • First Download the Tp-Link Tether App from Google Play Store or Apple Store by scanning the QR Code below or by clicking on the link below.
  • Android, IOS
TP-Link Tether Google Play Store TP-Link Tether Apple Store
  • Connect with your router on your Smart Phone using the default SSID and Password located under the back side of your TP-Link Router.
Connect TP link router to smartphone
  • After connection your phone may say no internet connection available but don't worry, it's because we haven't setup the router yet.
phone connecting to router
  • Now open the Tether App and it will automatically detect your router if it doesn't it should be visible under the section "local devices" of the app. Once the app detects the TP-Link router it will prompt you with a login screen. Just enter "admin" as your credentials in both the username and password field.
TP Link tether app
  • Now its time to actually setup your router. In the next screen you will see all the WiFi band avaliable in your router with their Band Name (SSID), Band Wavelength ( 5GHz/2.4GHz) and their respective passwords. All you have to do is to click on any of the Items to change the respective default values e.g. SSID Name, Password. Also turn a particular SSID (Band) ON or OFF.
Wireless Settings in TP-Link Tether App
  • If you completed adjusting all the settings yoc an click on Save on the right hand side Top Corner of the app. It will take a few minuter before your customizations are applied on the router once everything is finished the router will automatically test the connection. After that just click Finish to complete the setup process.
Successfull connecting to internet in TP-Link Tether App
That's it you are all done.

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